13-15 APRIL 2020

«The Past, Present and Future of the Coronavirus Pandemic»

This conference is designed to shed light on the past, present and future of the current pandemic. It will be a 3-day event attracting influential global politicians, government officials, doctors, practitioners, pharmaceutical giants, economists and businessmen, all of whom will discuss the situation of the coronavirus around the world.

As well, these experts will share best practices, introduce innovative mechanisms in the fight against the disease, talk about possible incentives to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the international economy and discuss the future, in general.

Video Sessions

Video Sessions

World Coronavirus Virtual Conferecnce

All of this will be taking place online with each presentation lasting no more than 20 minutes. Streaming will take place on YouTube TV and Facebook Watch. For the convenience of our global experts living and working in different time zones, the majority of conference panels will be prerecorded. In addition, we are promoting the event through our influencers network with its large viewer base, mentioned above.

Study best practices in disease prevention

Develop economic incentives to mitigate the effects of COVID-19

Create a roadmap for countries to overcome the crisis.

Understand the short-, medium- and long-term forecasts for COVID-19


Leading specialists and experts in the medical sphere will share information and analysis and answer pressing questions.


Leading specialists and experts in the economic sphere will share information and analysis and answer pressing questions.


Leading specialists and experts in the business world will share information and analysis and answer pressing questions.


Leading specialists and experts in the polytics sphere will share information and analysis and answer pressing questions.


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The main goal

The main goal is to create a platform where people can learn about the impact of COVID-19 in different aspects of life. Ultimately, we would like to become a go-to source for video, audio and reading materials regarding COVID-19. Plans include:

• Conducting a series of longer form video interviews with the world’s leading experts, who will be speaking on COVID-19-related topics. We will be distributing this media through various channels, such as YouTube and Facebook Watch;

• Conducting a series of audio interviews to distribute via popular podcasts;

• Creating a series of short videos with the key points made by the experts in order to also distribute via social media;

• Creating a full post-event report with suggestions from all of the above-mentioned experts on how to mitigate the effects of coronavirus on our lives;

• Creating a policy and implementation plan for governments and other relevant bodies to deal with COVID-19;

Following up continuously with new virtual conferences.

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